Wednesday, December 31, 2008

H@pPy N3W Y@eR


"Wishing all my Dear friends and family have a wonderful new year~"

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Am I a UNFRIENDLY person?

This few days my mood very bad, I want to say sorry to all of my friends that always see my bad mood, I didnt angry to anyone, i just angry to myself, am I a bad person?am I a unfriendly person? why my friends will say I hurt them? I already try my best to be nice to everyone, talk to everyone, play with everyone, care to everyone, did i do wrong? am I wrong? i really dun know what to do anymore, if I just kidding also will hurt my friends I really hope that i never meet them, I really hope that all of my friends can be happy together, but i think is very hard, maybe i should go back to where i belong.


Monday, December 22, 2008

hihi, Long time didnt write blog lo,haha... because very lazy to write, but now got alot of things to write haha, not really alot la, juz got thing to upload lo. hehe...('',)

On the 16 of dec, I went for the MTv audition, for the Wan Qian mv shooting, on that day I meet a new friend in mainsteam, is a girl, call Elle, she look pretty but very 38, at the 1st I saw her I tot this girl very hard to talk with, but at the end I found out that she is a very friendly person, she can play and talk alot, so happy to meet her. so after audition Me ,Wilson and Elle have been choosen to shoot for Wan Qian mv. so 17 of dec night we went to the place that we going to shoot for the mv, we went to Tanjung Karang for shooting. on 18 of dec morning 6am we need to wake up for our make up, then 7am we start our journy to the place for shooting. this is our 1st time for mv shooting, very hard, but is a good try for 1st time. Very happy to work with them, everyone is very friendly and nice.

On 20 dec, we having performance at Summit USJ, the performance is for 魔棋音乐教室毕业典礼. haha... thanks to Wan Qian, because she come late so I can have I chance to performance before her.wahaha...

On 21 dec, I went for the 8tv singing competition audition with my best friends, that day I really no mood to sing, because the they want us to dance, I dun know how to dance, so I thinking to give up, but at the end I still go in for the audition, the funny think is I have chosen to enter to the 2nd round, but I not happy, because my friend didn't enter, so my mood really down, but I still went for the next round audition, I want to try my best, but really hard to group with other people that I just know them, I know how to sing the song they dun know, they know how to sing the song I dun know, so I think to give up, so I went in the room just simply sing, so sorry to the judge that give me chance, and my friends that support me, but that day I really no mood, is very hard to group with the people u just know one day. But if next time still got chance I will do my best.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My life in Mainstream Music School

I really happy that I can take vocal class in mainstream, I learn a lot of new singing skills in mainstream, oh ya, I also meet many new friends here, got Sean, Keong, Deborah, Leo, Miao, See Mun, Emily, Wilson, Alicia, Xiao Mei, and many more, oh ya, dun forget JOANNE. They are my seniors, and they treat me very good & nice.

He is the 1st person I meet in Mainstream, because I need to perform with him at Heaven Café, haha… really happy can have a chance to perform with him, because very hard to find someone who can really match to sing together.

He is the guy that I dun really talk to in the 1st day with meet, because he look so fierce, haha…but now we are very good friend, can say best bro, haha… he also one of the person that help me a lot when I facing problem. Really thanks to him from my heart, hope I can help him back when he need my help. He have his dream own dream too, wish him all the best!

Haha… she is not a student in Mainstream, she was a teacher in there, because of her, I can get a chance to know all this lovely friends in Mainstream, thanks to her. (“,)

I meet him during kl one day trip, but before I meet him I heard a lot things about him, he was the person that always late, and I experience it at the 1st time of our trip, haha… but he is a nice person, and he study the same major with me but different college, so when I need help for my project I also can ask him, haha…

I meet Miao same day with Leo, Miao is a very nice person, and also good looking too, I always have a “funny” picture with him. haha… he is not a mainstream student, but he always be with us, having a lots of good time together. Nice to meet u Miao!

See Mun
Haha… she is the 2nd cute and nice sister in my life, she like DORAEMON a lot, haha… before I know her they tell me that she like doraemon and JJ Lim, so the 2nd time I meet her in mainstream I buy her doraemon thing. I hope she like it, haha… and she find out that I like penguin so she keep finding penguin things for me, haha…(“,)

She is the person that sing with me at my 2nd performance in mainstream at Summit, she teach me how to sing high pitch, haha… because she know that I can sing but I scared. She is my one day couple for the performance, I still remember she like my treble clef that I wearing that day, so I gave to her at the 2nd time we meet, hope she like it. haha…

I also know him from my 2nd performance in mainstream, he is my partner of that day too, and we also having a good time when we practice together. He is a nice person too, hope next time I still got chance to sing with him. haha…

I meet her from the 1st time I join them for movie, at the Curve. That day we when to see High School Musical, she is a person that dun like to dress nicely, but now many of them are helping her to change her look. Hope that one day we can see her knowing how to dress up nicely, because she look nice hope she can become more pretty.

Xiao Mei
I meet her from our kl trip too, she is a friendly person, and she talk a lot haha…when we take picture she can have many different post, haha…hope we can go for 2nd trip together soon, and take many pictures, haha…

Haha…Joanne, she is not a student in mainstream, she work as a PR in mainstream. Me and Deborah like to play around with her, we always copy what she say,要死啊! haha… and the fun part is we two always play with the bell, because she very get crazy when we play with the bell, ding dong ding dong ding dong….haha… but she is a nice & funny person.
JOANNE... I want to PANG SAI....wahaha.... :P

My best Friend in College (PC)

This is how the story begin, haha… last time me and him, oh ya , my friend name is Peng Chong, we are not really good friend in class, he dun talk to me much, I still remember he just talk to all the pro people in class, the 1st year in college I not really smart person, so I always sit myself, eat with myself. But the funny thing is he just talk to me in the phone, I still can remember that when we call each other we can talk an hour in the phone. Then the next day in class we look like dun know each other. You know what, we two look a like, I mean me and Peng Chong , our face look a like, my class friends all say that we look like twin brother.

He really helps me a lot in class, now he already graduate from college, but he still help me when I got problem with my project. Sometimes we two also think that we are twin brother, because we always have the same problem, or can say something happen to me then will happen to him, haha…

He is the only the person we still keep in touch, yesterday 26 nov 08, we finally get a chance to meet for tea, we talk a lot until we dun want to go back home, haha… I really happy that I get to know a good friend like him in the college. I know that he got his own dream, I really hope that he can have a wonderful and success future for his dream! May God Bless U!

Friday, November 21, 2008

This is a story about how I meet my cute sister Deborah

I still remember how I meet her, I meet this girl in a church, that day when I see her I really hate her, she act like she was very pro person, you know how she talk to me? She walk to my friend Max, then ask Max this is your friend? Then Max said yes then she just say ok, bring him to church for training, then just go away. Then my heart say do I know this person? If one day I know this girl I will kill her.

But now we become good bro and sis, have this cute sis in my life make me happy, but sometimes angry, because she have a bad mood and sometimes like very stupid, so make me scold her, because I really scared she give other people bully, make me so angry with her but she always know that she was wrong then she will say sorry to me.

She always write nice song for me to sing, really need to say thanks to her, in 2007 she wrote a song for me, the song name is Lost But Found, is about my story how I run away from God but God never give up in me. Thanks to her I get 2nd in the church singing competition. Everyone love that song, they ask me to record dun waste a nice song, the second song she wrote for me was the second time I run away from church again, the song name 祈禱 , she gave to me for my birthday give last year. So I perform in our church, this song very funny, not just church friend love it my buddies friend also like it. I hope this two song she wrote for me I can record and keep for myself on day.

This few days I really run out of money to use, I dun know how to take from my dad, because I over use it. She very worry about me, everyday pay and buy me foods, and she pray that my dad can give me money as soon. I really thanks to her from my heart, and thanks to God can let me meet this cute little sister.

Wish her can have a good & success future in her music world, May God Bless U!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What3ve3r happ3ns, HaPp3nS 4 a ReaSon

1)I love u not bcuz of who u r, but bcuz of who i am when m with u.

2)No man/ woman is worth yr tears, n d wan who is, wont make u cry

3)Just bcuz someone doesn't love u, the way u want them 2,doesn't mean they don't love u with all they have.

4)A true friend is someone who reaches for yr hand and touches yr heart.

5)The worst way 2 miss someone is 2 b sitting right beside them knowing u cant have them.

6)Never frown, even u r sad,bcuz u never know know who is falling in love with your smile.

7)To the world u maybe one person, but 2 one person u maybe the world.

8)Don't waste yr time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on u.

9) Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong person before meeting the right one, so that when we will know how to be great full.

10)Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.

11) There is always going to be people that hurt you so what u have to do is keep on trusting n just b more careful about who u trust next time round.

12)Make yourself a better person n know who u r b4 u try n know someone else and expect them 2 know u.

13) Don't try so hard, the best things come when u least expect them to.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Unfairness Of LITTLE TREE CAFE Singing Competition.

Me, Deborah and Sean Last minute decide to join again for the ‘LITTLE TREE CAFÉ’ unplugged singing competition, this is the 1st round only. We last minute decide, but before this coming week, we already practice for this competition. Because of their stupid organizers last minute only told us the time for competition, so we decide to stop joining, but on Thursday night they keep calling us to join this competition again on Friday, so this is why we last minute decide to join the competition. Then we start practice again at my house ,we practice till buot 2am in the morning.

But this is what we see and get in the competition, there's only have 1 judge, which is the little tree café owner. I really dun understand how he judge this competition, people who can't sing also can enter, its Got politic inside your café? I have join singing competition for so many times, this is the first bad singing competition I have see.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My First Time

Welcome, Welcome!!

Opening Soon!!!

Thanks to Deborah my little sister. =)