Wednesday, December 31, 2008

H@pPy N3W Y@eR


"Wishing all my Dear friends and family have a wonderful new year~"

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Am I a UNFRIENDLY person?

This few days my mood very bad, I want to say sorry to all of my friends that always see my bad mood, I didnt angry to anyone, i just angry to myself, am I a bad person?am I a unfriendly person? why my friends will say I hurt them? I already try my best to be nice to everyone, talk to everyone, play with everyone, care to everyone, did i do wrong? am I wrong? i really dun know what to do anymore, if I just kidding also will hurt my friends I really hope that i never meet them, I really hope that all of my friends can be happy together, but i think is very hard, maybe i should go back to where i belong.


Monday, December 22, 2008

hihi, Long time didnt write blog lo,haha... because very lazy to write, but now got alot of things to write haha, not really alot la, juz got thing to upload lo. hehe...('',)

On the 16 of dec, I went for the MTv audition, for the Wan Qian mv shooting, on that day I meet a new friend in mainsteam, is a girl, call Elle, she look pretty but very 38, at the 1st I saw her I tot this girl very hard to talk with, but at the end I found out that she is a very friendly person, she can play and talk alot, so happy to meet her. so after audition Me ,Wilson and Elle have been choosen to shoot for Wan Qian mv. so 17 of dec night we went to the place that we going to shoot for the mv, we went to Tanjung Karang for shooting. on 18 of dec morning 6am we need to wake up for our make up, then 7am we start our journy to the place for shooting. this is our 1st time for mv shooting, very hard, but is a good try for 1st time. Very happy to work with them, everyone is very friendly and nice.

On 20 dec, we having performance at Summit USJ, the performance is for 魔棋音乐教室毕业典礼. haha... thanks to Wan Qian, because she come late so I can have I chance to performance before her.wahaha...

On 21 dec, I went for the 8tv singing competition audition with my best friends, that day I really no mood to sing, because the they want us to dance, I dun know how to dance, so I thinking to give up, but at the end I still go in for the audition, the funny think is I have chosen to enter to the 2nd round, but I not happy, because my friend didn't enter, so my mood really down, but I still went for the next round audition, I want to try my best, but really hard to group with other people that I just know them, I know how to sing the song they dun know, they know how to sing the song I dun know, so I think to give up, so I went in the room just simply sing, so sorry to the judge that give me chance, and my friends that support me, but that day I really no mood, is very hard to group with the people u just know one day. But if next time still got chance I will do my best.