Thursday, May 7, 2009

4人组 BUT NOW 3人组

Why I say 4人组 become 3人组, Because just now i went to see my friend blog only now that the other friend from the group already been give up from them,this is what he write for the other person ~ 其实我们还有一位成员的,叫做白到脱皮~ 因为由于人红是非多~ 所以我们3人把他抛弃了~quite sad to see this word in his blog, really hope that he didnt mention about 白到脱皮.
They really hate him? or he really a hard person to be with?
But anywhere I think that 白到脱皮 didnt give up on you guys, you guys still his best friend 4ever.

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers' day is coming soon, really hope that i can do something to make my mum more happy...
last month my mum already move out from my aunt home, she now staying alone in a house that she rent herself, when i help her to move her thing to new place i few that i am a useless son in the world, why i cant give my mum a wonderful life?
She need to work very morning until 11pm, I really few pity for my mum, last time my mum dun need to work for her life, but now she need to work to earn money for her to survive.
Now she staying alone, sometimes she dun want me to worry about her, so she didn't tell me that she walk home alone after work.
But my mum keep telling me that she is happy with her life now, she is not rich as last time, but she is happy.
Mum U are the greatest Mum in the world for me! I promise that i will give u a wonderful and happy life forever.
H@pPy MoThEr's D@y!
在那一個淚水盈眶 令我走投無路的夜裡
你所伸出的那隻溫暖的手 我永遠不會忘懷

冬日的天空下 天寒地凍的冰泠裡
至今依然在隱隱作痛 昔日的傷痕

在強烈的北風呼號下 即使我幾乎被吹倒
但是在內心深處 我還是一遍又一遍呼喚著你的名。剛剛真的生你的氣﹐原來你病了﹐而我又誤會你﹐一個合適自己的與自己執著於一個遙不可及的