Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers' day is coming soon, really hope that i can do something to make my mum more happy...
last month my mum already move out from my aunt home, she now staying alone in a house that she rent herself, when i help her to move her thing to new place i few that i am a useless son in the world, why i cant give my mum a wonderful life?
She need to work very morning until 11pm, I really few pity for my mum, last time my mum dun need to work for her life, but now she need to work to earn money for her to survive.
Now she staying alone, sometimes she dun want me to worry about her, so she didn't tell me that she walk home alone after work.
But my mum keep telling me that she is happy with her life now, she is not rich as last time, but she is happy.
Mum U are the greatest Mum in the world for me! I promise that i will give u a wonderful and happy life forever.
H@pPy MoThEr's D@y!

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