Thursday, May 7, 2009

4人组 BUT NOW 3人组

Why I say 4人组 become 3人组, Because just now i went to see my friend blog only now that the other friend from the group already been give up from them,this is what he write for the other person ~ 其实我们还有一位成员的,叫做白到脱皮~ 因为由于人红是非多~ 所以我们3人把他抛弃了~quite sad to see this word in his blog, really hope that he didnt mention about 白到脱皮.
They really hate him? or he really a hard person to be with?
But anywhere I think that 白到脱皮 didnt give up on you guys, you guys still his best friend 4ever.

1 comment:

mun yee said...

dont b so sad!!! u still got us to b with u! yeah!!! haha... got mun,me,deborah,leo,meow....